Delivering Quality Dairy Products Throughout New England.

Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Por-Shun proudly supplies quality dairy products to our clients.  Fresh, UHT, and no growth hormone milk; yogurt, cheeses, eggs, ice cream, and butter are just a few of our items available for immediate delivery.  Automatic Cone and Sugar Maple Creamery complement our already diverse product offerings.

Automatic Cone Company, founded in 1903, by Italian immigrant James Denaro manufactured cake cones along with the invention and Patent of the Icy Pi.

In the early 1960s, under the direction of Domenic Denaro, Automatic Cone Company became the leading distributor of ice cream cones along with fudges and toppings for ice cream stores. Domenic only bought the best products for his customers. What separated Automatic Cone from his competition was the variety of products and the relentless pursuit of service to his customers.

Until his passing, Automatic Cone Company was overseen by Jim Denaro, the grandson of the founder. In loving memory of this amazing man, we will forever honor Jim by preserving his legacy and vision for the company.

At Sugar Maple Creamery, we craft our premium ice cream with the purest, best tasting ingredients. We start with the freshest sweet cream, rich dutch cocoa, imported Madagascar vanilla, and fresh strawberries to produce our distinctive taste.

Try one taste and see why we are New England’s fastest growing ice cream brand!

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